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Javelin Barracks Regeneration

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Welcome to the Javelin Park website!

Thank you for your interest in the development plans for the former Javelin Barracks site in Niederkrüchten-Elmpt. Over the next few years, our goal is to create a thriving, modern, sustainable business park on this brownfield site. We would like to bring about this transformation together with you and will provide regular updates on our plans and on the progress of this project.

On this website you will find news and information about Verdion Javelin Park. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to being part of your community.

With kind regards,

Marc Haverkamp
Technical Director at Vedion & Project Manager Javelin

Multi-use park offering a total of 584,000 sq.m. of gross floor space

Integrating the site’s rich history

Sustainable & energy-efficient construction

Between 5,000 and 8,500 new jobs

New infrastructure for the region

Javelin Park

Over the next 10 to 15 years, Verdion is planning to create a modern business park on the 158-hectare site of the former RAF Brüggen military airbase, which later became the Javelin Barracks.

This project will breathe new life into a brownfield site, creating a sustainable and highly energy-efficient park and accompanying public infrastructure, providing for between 5,000 and 8,500 new jobs.  

A range of small, medium and large facilities is being proposed to appeal to a balanced mix of local businesses, medium-sized companies, manufacturers, logistics providers, retailers and online sellers who see an advantage in being based at this location.

We believe in the potential of both this extraordinary location and its surrounding region, and our planned investment will be around EUR 500 million.

In repurposing the site, Verdion is continuing this location’s German-British tradition. While our head office is in London, this project will be run by our team in Düsseldorf – from now until after construction completes and we assume ongoing management of the park.

Our partner for the site is the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), a Canadian pension fund that provides for the retirement of around 380,000 people in the healthcare sector. HOOPP will be funding the development of the park and maintaining its interest long-term to support its members.

From these early stages, the planning and development of Verdion Javelin Park will move forward in close dialogue with the surrounding municipalities and with you. Throughout, we will ensure that the project plan includes significant measures to protect both the local environment and the site’s rich history.


Questions & answers

From our point of view, this site is particularly suited to business and logistics. The combination of its size and its position in the heart of Europe, as well as excellent connections to the German and European motorway network and proximity to other major transport hubs (rail connections, Dutch sea ports, Duisburg river port), should make it attractive to a range of businesses. We also have the capacity to meet the needs of large and medium-sized companies, which should balance with the ample space for smaller businesses we will be providing. Ultimately, our aim over time is to create a diverse and successful park that integrates with the local area and offers a range of opportunities and jobs.

The needs of the local and regional economy have been an important part of our plans from the outset.

Our designs allocate a substantial portion of the park to be reserved exclusively for smaller businesses and smaller regional companies. It will provide an ultra-modern environment directly at the park entrance where they can operate and grow.

We also expect the park to provide a significant boost for local businesses through new partnerships, contracts and supply chain opportunities with our new occupiers.

Because we are still just at the beginning of the planning process, it’s too early to make a precise forecast about the amount of new jobs being created, but we are currently estimating between 5,000 and 8,500 new jobs.

Much, of course, will depend upon the approved development plan. Our aim is to serve the needs of local businesses, medium-sized companies, manufacturers, logistics providers, online sellers and retailers, which means creating a range of small, medium and large buildings – some of which will be built to occupiers’ own specifications. We also see start‑ups and technology companies taking space here and will be creating space targeted at these business’s needs.

With the site acquisition now in place, we are focussed on developing a detailed concept design for the area that will serve as the basis of our application.

Before works can begin, we are starting the process that will lead to the drawing up of the development plan. The timetable for this will depend upon government and local authorities, but we are hoping to start getting the site ready during 2023 and begin construction in 2024. Our aim is to develop the park in phases over a 10-15 year period.

Verdion and HOOPP are committed to the principles of environmental protection, social responsibility and sustainable corporate management.

More details will emerge during the detailed design stages, but as examples we are expecting all buildings to be certified to recognised environmental standards such as DGNB. High levels of energy efficiency, roofs that can accommodate photovoltaic or solar thermal systems, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure will all form part of our plans. We are also planning to use renewable energy generated on the grounds of the Energy and Business Park Elmpt to power the site.

We apply stringent environmental protection standards to all our projects. While this is already a brownfield site where most of the land has already been developed, we will ensure that areas within the park’s boundary are set aside to provide an environmental offset. We are also planning to undertake further rewilding so that green spaces and wildlife can be re-established here.

As with all property transactions in Germany, the acquisition of the site has been subject to real estate transfer tax, which in North Rhine-Westphalia amounts to 6.5% of the purchase price and has been paid to the state.

It is too early in the process to have clear estimates on ongoing local tax revenues.

The site’s history as a former RAF base and British Army barracks, as well as the close and positive relationship with the local community in Niederkrüchten-Elmpt, is quite unique.

It is important to us that as the plans move forward we feature this rich historical legacy in the new development and we hope the local community will help us to assemble a collection of materials and mementos to put on display.

Through this website, we will provide up to date information about the current progress  of Javelin Park and share further news.

As part of the approval procedure, local residents will receive further information from the city council of Niederkrüchten-Elmpt. Details of the project will also be made public by the municipality.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The project is being funded by Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), which manages the retirement assets of more than 380,000 healthcare workers in Canada and invests in European logistics real estate as part of its portfolio.

Verdion and HOOPP already work in close partnership on projects throughout Europe in the way that is being proposed for Javelin Park, with HOOPP financing the site purchase and development before holding it long-term, while Verdion develops and manages the asset.

Verdion specialises in developing, acquiring and managing business and logistics properties throughout Europe – from large-scale parks to highly specialised facilities for manufacturers, internet sellers, logistics providers, and a range of medium-sized companies.

Our current programme stands at around 1.48 million sq.m. under construction or in planning, including a new production and research facility in the town of Weilheim on the outskirts of Munich for water analysis technology firm Xylem and a new production facility for bicycle manufacturer Derby Cycle outside the town of Emstek in northwest Germany, also near the Dutch border.

Verdion’s offices are located in London, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

More details can be found on our corporate website:

Do you have further questions about the project?

We will keep you informed of the progress on site, are planning local information events and are also available for answering your questions individually.

Please feel free to contact us at any time via [email protected].